Our Brighton HeartLink Women's network meets on the first Thursday of every month.

Established in Brighton in 2011, This womens networking group meets monthly and comprises of members from beginning as well as new business women joining each month  very member who attends has the opportunity to share what they do, showcase their business and promote any offers they may have in a three-minute segment.

The Heart Link Network® is dedicated to showcasing, advertising, enriching and empowering professional women in business in order for them to create heartfelt, meaning relationships with one another.

The Heart Link Network® for Women is an all access pass to success. It provides professional networking events that aid women in growing and expanding their businesses. It is a unique and powerful business marketing tool for women entrepreneurs who want to link with resources, build deep and lasting relationships, grow their businesses

These meetings are industry exclusive and bookings are essential. 

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Upcoming morning sessions:


Upcoming afternoon sessions:

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Some of you have seem this hashtag #WheresDhea on social media I will be sharing events that I am attending myself and you are welcome to join me and say hello if you can't make my own events. If you want more info email me