Top 10 ways to build solid relationships

People ask me all the time .. How come EVERYONE knows you? Or you know of someone that you can refer me to? Well I guess I try my best to build rock solid relationships by

1.       Getting to know the person behind the business.. You might be the best whatever but if I don't know you or "can't see you" behind your social media or website then you are making it too hard for me to get to know you and hard to refer you.

2.       Turn up … so many times people say they are going to attend an event and then they are are no show?? If you are running a business and you say YES you are attending (even a free event) then show up.. You don't get many chances to make a first impression and it takes a LONG time for people to feel you do care enough about them to get a second chance. (of course illness and the like excluded )

3.       Same as above but with one to one appointments - if you said to someone "lets' grab a coffee" then turn up or make the appropriate followup to make that coffee happen.

4.       If you find an article or link that you think one of your connections will benefit with then send it to them without expectations… put a sticky note on it and say "Saw this blog/article/newspaper clipping and thought you would find it of interest.. Enjoy"

5.       If you receive a referral THANK the referrer with a REAL greeting card and gift BEFORE you find out the outcome of the referral … (I know of a great system if you need one :))  Guess what will happen … that's right you will get more because you showed your appreciation ..

6.       With Referrals inform the person of the outcome EG Hey thanks for the referral we are now collaborating or Hey thanks for the referral the other week unfortunately they are not looking for what I do right now but will keep me in mind should things change (sidenote here this is where you start your "stay top of mind strategy"

7.       Share networking events with connections Saying Hey I am going to #BWIBMelb next week l think you will enjoy it - here is the booking link with all the details

8.       Offer to shout someone a coffee/tea and say "you can get the next one " setting the tone for a continual relationships (sidenote make a note if you have to - I think I will have to start as I keep forgetting and nothing worse than feeling you owe someone)

9.       I totally understand keeping your intellectual property and there comes a line where you can't GIVE it all away however I once had a coffee with someone AFTER I had shared many good tips for their business only to have almost EVERY second sentence to be "when you work with me I can give you these tips" - I mean are you for real … we won't be working thank you NOR will I be referring you. As Ivan Misner says have a givers gain mentality.

10.   BE YOU… you are who you are and IF you stray and be what others want you to be then you can't be the best version of you. Be someone who is an energy booster not an energy zapper and watch what happens.

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Meirav Dulberg