How to send a thank you for quoting card

What I hear you saying? Send someone a REAL old fashioned greeting card JUST for letting me quote a piece of business?

YES and a BIG fat YES I say…

What do you think will be the result of this less than $3 investment ?

You will have a raving fan - even if you don't get the business due to timing .. You will be remembered due to standing out from the rest of the "digital clutter"

This is how we do it

Download this app

Select the card you want:

Then add your message:

Then add the finishing touches - for me its adding a couple of brownies

Then I customise the back of my card with my business branding .. It's the only place I put the "advertising" aspect of what I do on the closing part of the card so it's just a subtle reminder of what I do



And then I simply add the recipients details

I hit submit and the company prints posts and delivers using local mail providers … yes it's that easy … why not give it a free triallink at top and at the end of this blog

This will guarantee you stay top of mind and be remembered and not deleted.

Meirav Dulberg