3 Biggest mistakes you must avoid when networking

Are you amongst the 1000's of women who come away from networking events and think… that was a waste of time?

1.       Missing in Action

Did you know when people book into events a 3rd don'tturn up? Yes that's right they go to the trouble of paying good money and reserve a spot and then don't show up?

It's an interesting situation unless you are sick or family are sick the message you are sharing with your fellow networking colleagues is that you are not as important as my appointment and I don't value YOU… so let me ask you Do you think they are going to refer you or attend your workshops or buy from you?

Show up.

2.       Talk less about you

Interesting question that I get asked is "how much time do I get to talk?" and how much work do I have to do ? I hope I don't have to have meetings between the meetings??

There is nothing worse when you attend events and you meet someone and all you get is a massive deluge "verbal diarrhea I call it " and you realise they haven't asked anything of you….

Be interested rather than interesting.

3.       No idea what you want from the evetns you attend

Why are you attending? Work out if it’s the speaker the community and make real connections .. What is your goal? I always have a goal for each event I attend eg: make to followup appointments to meet for coffee or skype coffee so I can see how we can support each other… Or learn from the speaker to see if I want to undertake their services … Or it may be a good way to connect with someone so why not do it via an event? You decide but set your goals

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Meirav Dulberg