Hi, I’m Dhea Bartlett and I’m an award-winning distributor ofSendOutCards, an online greeting card system. The number one Relationship Marketing Company on the planet!

I also host a number of business networking events in Bayside, Melbourne.

I love both ventures because they help me connect with great people and businesses alike, and help others do the same.

My journey from teaching to direct selling

My career began as a secondary school teacher in Melbourne Victoria. Five years in, my husband and I moved to Singapore where I had the privilege of teaching English to children and corporate Singaporeans for two years.

We returned to Australia this time in WA in 1992 and over the next few years I did all the things people warn you not to do in a short amount of time!  I had three children, moved house a few more times – both overseas and interstate – completed my Graduate Degree in Marketing and embarked on a new career in sales. It was a wonderfully chaotic period! 

Though I loved teaching it was time for a change and when we moved back to Melbourne in 1997 I found my new passion at a jewellery party: direct selling. Over the next few years I worked my way up the ladder of an accessories company and enjoyed amazing success. I’d found the lifestyle for me – one where I could raise my family, earn a great income and meet loads of fantastic people.


Why SendOutCards?

I started using SendOutCards in 2009 as a way to stay connected with friends, family and clients, but I soon discovered it was a fantastic marketing tool. Not only did my clients appreciate me remembering their birthday or receiving genuine thanks for their business, they loved receiving an actual card in the mail. Think about it: when was the last time you received anything other than a generic email from someone you did business with?

I received so many questions and compliments from people that in 2011 I decided to focus full time on spreading the word about this great system. 

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, SendOutCards can grow your business and keep you top of mind with your clients.  Read more about it on our Relationship Marketing page or take it for a test drive. It’s free – you’ve got nothing to lose (except an opportunity)!

Grow your connections at my networking events

Business networking is crucial to building a successful business and I love connecting great businesses! I can also help you develop strategies to attract ongoing business and see referrals come your way.

In addition to running my SendOutCards business, I run structured events such as HeartLink Womens Network, 4Networking and Bayside Women in Business. They’re a great way to meet other business owners just like you so if you’re interested, please get in touch with me. You can read more about them on my networking page.

Join my social media community

Some of you have seem this hashtag #WheresDhea on social media I will be sharing events that I am attending myself and you are welcome to join me and say hello if you can't make my own events. If you want more info email me